About Us

JUST STUDIO is a Film Production Company in the city of Joy, Kolkata, nurturing innovative ideas into film-making. We specialise in branded content, corporate films, TVCs and feature films. We give equal importance to story-telling and film-technology.


Film was invented to impress the minds and souls. The most popular medium that entertains and informs, educates and evoke emotions. Most popular form art form. That’s why we Dream Films, Do Films and Deliver good Films.

CEO's Note

Cinema and its making has always intrigued me and made me ponder on the beauty of the glorious 35mm. Acting has been my passion and the making of cinema, no less than an obsession. I have, with my experience in the world of cinema understood one thing in particular. A director conceives a film. But a producer delivers it. Me and my team at Just Studio are determined of producing content that look and reflect International standards.

Just Studio, since it’s inception last year has strived to provide entertainment and infotainment of the highest quality to audiences. While ‘Just Shorts’ aim to create short fiction and nonfiction content for consumption, ‘Just Tunes’ is the home to original music that we curate. ‘Jana Gana Mana’, one of our latest endeavours was about the National Anthem being sung by the Bauls of Bengal. Needless to say, it garnered a lot of appreciation and love from audiences across the globe. We also have a vertical called ‘Just Spirits’, a unique concept that has a team of professional ghosthunters on various adventures on camera. The paranormal meets healing at Just Spirits!

Occasionally when I am not donning the Producer’s hat though, my first love acting takes front seat. I have acted in films like Colkatay Columbus, Nilacholey Kiriti, Not A Dirty Film and also in our home production, Purbo Poschim Dokkhin Uttor Ashbei.

Our first feature film Purbo Paschim Dokkhin Uttor Ashbei earned rave reviews from the critics and audiences alike. We chose a difficult subject to explore. A spiritual thriller.
And the crowds loved it!
And with the hearts came the awards and recognition too! We toured the festivals widely and the film got an official selection at the prestigious Jaipur International Film Festival (2020). We won ‘Best Film’ at the Kalakar Awards 2020. In the Telangana Bengali Film Festival we received an award at the ‘Best Supporting Actress”.
I was recently also awarded as the ‘Times Best Emerging Young Producer’ at the Times Business Awards 2020.
And that gives us hope. To create more engaging movies across languages and genres and to stick by our motto of producing nothing but pure cinematic magic!
We have beautiful plans for the years ahead. Several more exciting projects are on the way. From movies to web series to a potential Bollywood biggie, this is just the start!
Our values are Indian. But our films are Global.

Jai Hind!

SUCHANDRA VAANIYA | Director and Founder | Just Studio

Team Just Studio

Terrific content, engaging story telling, mind boggling form and un-answered questions and reality checks make a good cinema. Cinema should be an unforgettable experience, an exercise of the mind, evoke whirlpool of emotions and show you dreams and nightmares.

ABHRAJIT SEN / Creative Director

Acting as a liaison between the organization, the viewers and the media to ensure that the brand remains top of mind. Just Studio understands the need and importance of Branding. Developing diverse communication tools for its viewers, employ engagement & eliminate communication impediments that eventually improve the business. Cut down your hassle to connect with multiple genre to get a resolution. We’re one stop solution for all your viewing needs.

— SOUMITA CHOWDHURY / Executive Communicator

With the advent of an entertainment medium for more than a hundred years, progress and demand have increased simultaneously. That’s Cinema. It’s a combination of art and reality. To me, Cinema is not just an art, but the platform to convey the messages of thousands of other people who cannot express their feelings. A team game, which enriches you even more. A feeling of your own, which is injected within millions of people.

— PRATIK DAS / Creative Director

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