Prayash; A Just Studio initiative.

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“Love and Compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, Humanity cannot survive”Dalai Lama

The Corona virus pandemic has left the world down on its knees. As the entire population of a big democracy like India suffers from not only the ghastly change in the economy, but also the living conditions of individuals, humanity is still striving to ensure the moral codes that help in upbringing the spirit of the people, to counter the challenges that the pandemic has enforced on us.

Apart from the urban sectors of the country, many villages and rural areas have suffered a drastic change in a situation like this. The working class of people who earn their bread on a daily basis have suffered acute problems because of the lockdown. Specially in remote areas with poor connectivity and zero vehicular access, hunger has become a pang with almost negligible availability of food and grocery items.

However, the harsh scenario of some of the villages at Purulia had come into our notice. Left with no grocery supplements and proper road transportation to help the villagers, physically disabled and tribal people during this lockdown, we reached out to their rescue. Hunger and malnutrition form the backbone of the reasons of death in Purulia. We reached out to them and ensured that they get the proper necessities to deal with the harsh scenario of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

Prayash, a non profitable organisation in humanitarian grounds is an initiative of Just Studio. It came live on the 5th of April in the grounds of Tulsibari. Our main objective was to supply essential food and grocery to the needy villagers through ration. With the overwhelming support from the people who stepped forward to help spread the smile, we successfully completed our transaction to the villagers of Tulsibari.

Previously we stood beside the villagers of Tulsibari. Now, on the 10th of April, wereached out to another village, Chitarma in Purulia. Home to hundreds of daily wagers and farmers, Chirtarma needed mmediate attention to ensure that the villagers don’t suffer from hunger and malnutrition in these days of the mandated lockdown. Prayash worked its way through the transactions and took things to accomplishment, serving heartedly for the cause.

The 19th of April marked the suspension of our initiative in the final grounds of Gorbanda in Purulia. Wrapping up things, to have spread a smile among so many people brought warmth to us. What mattered most was the happiness one can only get through empathy and compassion. If not now, then when?

Above all, almost 200 families benefitted from the initiative. We’re thankful to all those who have contributed to the cause and helped us with donations, money and the necessary rationing. It’s an effort we’re implying on to proceed with dedication in the continuing run of humankind.

Let’s stay united as it’s the deeds humans commit that keeps a revolution in progression.
Prayash, the manna in the way of starvation.

– Soumik Chakraborty