Hand Sanitizer (100ml)

Hand Sanitizer (100ml)


An instant way to kill germs and bacteria is done best by a sanitizer. Of course you can’t carry your hand washing liquid everywhere you go. If you’re out on the streets, travelling on a public transport, you wouldn’t know how germs get in contact with you while it rolls down your sleeves.
Hence, carrying a sanitizer with you is a must do.

Why should you use our product?

Alcohol is a great oxidizing agent. We’ve treated the chemical in the compound so far as to have the maximum utility to banish the germs off your hands as it’s the easiest medium through which germs propagate. The sanitizer we provide is alcohol based for effective protection against viruses and germs.
With an efficiency to kill 99.9 % germs, there’s not a chance how you might get infected from any virus causing diseases.

Our offers

Per piece costs only 50/-, inclusive of GST. Minimum order is 50 pcs.


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